UNCW Off-Campus Student Housing

“Basshu provided a great apartment at a more affordable price compared to anywhere else, which was important to me being a UNCW college student. The complex is incredibly close to the college and right across the road from one of UNCW’s bus stops. This was the perfect place to stay while going to UNCW. I highly recommend checking out the apartments from Basshu Wilshire.”
– Ethan A.


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Multifamily Property Management

Are you looking for affordable, secure storage units and self-storage in Brooklyn, New York-New York City? Basshu LLC is an independent landlord offering various units and sizes with no obligation and no long-term commitment—month-to-month lease terms are available starting at $45 per month. Get up to 50% off today. Multiple unit sizes, easy move-ins, proximity to Manhattan Bridge, United Nations, Downtown Brooklyn, 24/7 access. Adjacent to Manhattan Bridge. Contact bk@basshullc.net or text 646-331-8777 for additional information.

“Basshu’s storage option is super flexible and good to work with.”
– Meraf K. 

Our Tenants

“I was a tenant from 2019-2021 in Hoboken, NJ. Basshu LLC was a pleasure to rent from and was always responsive. We did experience air conditioning problems and possessions left by the last tenant when we moved in. Still, Basshu helped resolve both issues and was very accommodating when the pandemic hit so we could continue renting. Overall, we had a great experience renting from Basshu LLC.”
– Anna S.

“Basshu was amazing – from helping with various appliance and plumbing fixes to ensuring I was settled in; I couldn’t have asked for a more friendly and responsive landlord!”
– John P.

“Basshu LLC has always been responsive and respectful regarding our needs and requests.”
– Cameron F.

Welcome / Tenant Requests
Contact: bk@basshullc.net | +1-917-460-3572
P.O. Box 1052, Wilmington, NC 28402 USA


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